“The House Is A Wheel” and “Hammer” on the Poets Weave

”Origins” and “Harvest Fair” on the Poets Weave

“Self-Study And Anthropomorphism: Kitchen Pot” and “Letter to Steven Ambrosini” on the Poets Weave


“The House is a Wheel”
Monster House Press, Fall Quarterly and digital, 2017

“How to Keep Full in February”
Monster House Press, 2017

“After Seeing An Ad”
Monster House Press, 2015

“To Check on the Shotgun”
Monster House Press, 2014


"56:46 WTIU's Documentaries"
Limestone Post, June 2018
- Profile on WTIU's locally-produced, award-winning documentary series

Conversations: Place, Memory, And Making A Deal With Yourself
Limestone Post, June 2018
- A polyvocal essay composed entirely of quotes gathered from separate interviews with five different residents of Bloomington on each their own sense of place

"Local Conservancy Saving Indigenous Languages"
Limestone Post, April 2018
- Profile of The Language Conservancy's efforts to help indigenous nations revitalize their languages

Literacy As Survival” 
Limestone Post, Dec 2017
- Intimate profiles of one adult learner and adult literacy programs provided in Monroe County

“‘Page vs. Stage’”  
Limestone Post, Dec 2016                
- An essay on the historical differences, convergences, and divisions between slam poetry and traditional poetry in form, performance, and participant-communities